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Form release agent/ Shuttering Oil

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Shuttering Oil or formwork oil is high-quality mineral oil that is applied to the inner surface of formwork before concreting. Shuttering oil is also known as a form or mould release agent.


  1. Application of shuttering oil prevents sticking of formwork to the concrete surface thereby permitting easy stripping of formwork after the concrete has hardened.
  2. Shuttering oil protects the formwork and hence the formwork can be reused several times.
  3. Shuttering oil helps provide good finishing surface of the concrete with minimum defects.
  4. In the case of wooden formwork, shuttering oil prevents water absorption from concrete by the wooden formwork.
  5. Shuttering oil reduces leakage of water during the curing process.
  6. Shuttering oil prevents steel formwork from corrosion.
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