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Swelleable Waterbar

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Swells up to 700% when in contact with water and will return to its original size if the concrete and substrate become dry.

If water or moisture is introduced again, the waterstop will re-expand to seal the potential leaking joint.



  • Immediate protection against water pressure – does not need to swell to be effective as is the case with hydrophilic waterbars
  • Extremely high bond between the granular coating and the surrounding concrete ensuring that water cannot pass even where the concrete has slightly shrunk during curing
  • No kicker or rebate required, reducing site labour costs
  • 100% waterproof up to 5 bar of water pressure
  • Preformed corner parts for quick site installation
  • More durable than conventional waterbars – not easily damaged or moved by the placing or compacting of concrete
  • Can be installed in any weather and at any temperature


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