Toll Free


Toll Free

Our knowledge and experience in specialist preparation systems will help remove machine oil, grease, old paint and contamination.  Our durable flooring solutions, suitable for busy forklift truck traffic, can be color coded for production areas and to create gangways or aisles. Our incredible solutions will improve the areas that are working for you in a short timescale, tailored to meet your budget and requirements.


The Kind of Deliverables You Should Expect

  • Minimum operational downtown
  • Easily cleaned – no maintenance
  • Fast, dust-free preparation to remove old coatings and contaminants
  • Resistant to machine oil, impact, abrasion and chemicals
  • Safety markings or linings or wording available
  • Failing joints, eroded concrete, footprints of old machinery – fast cure repaired
  • Anti-slip incorporated at various densities, tailored to your usage


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