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Pop Screeding

Pop Screeding is eminent if you want to achieve 100% wall smoothness, and this is done by applying part of pre-painting routine.

Wall Screeding & Painting is inevitable if you would like to achieve 100% wall smoothness, and this is done as part of pre-painting routine. In screeding, you basically use a long flat board to apply a pop screeding paint against a pliable surface to smoothen it.

Screeding can be done on any surface not only on walls e.g. floors, or any other wavy surface to level it up before painting or laying wallpaper. For instance, you might have once filled up a wall crack in your house with some compounds such as cement to fix the crack, and then tried to smoothen it. That is a kind of screeding.


  • Durability
  • Water-proof and resistance factors
  • Gives 100% smoothness to your wall
  • Heat and humidity tolerance
  • Suitable for wide coverage
  • Suitable drying time
  • Easy to handle

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