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Underground Tanking

Fincrete Global Tanking is a complete membrane applied over a surface, preventing the entry of water. It can be useful in homes with basements that may be flooded due to flood water coming in from above.

These factors play a major role in the determination of the type of outer coating required and the associated construction techniques. Many persons are involved and play a critical role. Among those concerned are:

  • Building or project Owner, who must define the nature of the construction and requirements in respect of the presence or absence of damp, and the degree of reliability sought in protection against it.
  • The main contractor is required to determine the nature of the foundation soil and the degree of exposure of the building to groundwater, in the light of the known levels of high water, topographical environment and climate.
  • The specialised sub-contractor who either alone, or with the main contractor, makes the choice of types of walls.

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