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Solutions - fincrete global stamped concrete

Stamped Concrete

PRODUCT Stamped concrete, commonly referred to as patterned concrete or imprinted concrete, uses rubber stamps designed from “real stone” molds to imprint the concrete to resemble natural brick, slate, cobblestone, tile, and even wood planks. Download Technical Specification Product Enquiry Form Message us and one of our expert will call you back

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Solutions - running track scaled

Sports Facility Floor

PRODUCT The sports floor not only adds an element of design with its beautiful, customizable appearance, it also contributes to the protection and safety of the athletes. Download Technical Specification Product Enquiry Form Message us and one of our expert will call you back

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Solutions - fincrete self leveling underlayment

Self Leveling Underlayment

PRODUCT Self Leveling Underlayment provides a smooth, level surface for the installation of ceramic tile, laminate flooring, carpet and wood. This premium material is engineered to resist shrinking and cracking, and is rated “excellent” for moisture resistance. With no special tools required for application, it’s ideal for residential or commercial use. Download Technical Specification Product

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Solutions - plasterer renovating indoor walls 1

Screed System

PRODUCT A concrete screed is used to level floors and even out surface irregularities. It is a layer of cement mixed with fine sand or silica powder. A screed will smooth out the surface of a slab of concrete, providing a hard, durable floor that is suitable for most industrial applications. Download Technical Specification Product

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Solutions - fincrete spacious post industrial factory interior

Epoxy Coats

PRODUCT Epoxy coatings are best suited for indoor applications. The coating process can be very costly and messy, but it creates a very durable floor that can last for many years and will withstand heavy loads. Many industrial sites, warehouses, and commercial buildings rely on epoxy floors to maintain clean and safe conditions for workers,

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Solutions - fincrete anti crack system

Anti Crack System

PRODUCT The anti-crack mortar can inhibit crack propagation during freezing and thawing in construction period, and impede the growth of crack. It is composed of cement, quartz sand and polymer cementing material. The polymer cracking mortar for insulation layer has good anti-slip surface and is fit for construction walls with low strength mortar or high

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Solutions - IMG 1935


PRODUCT Retarders assist in the placement of concrete by prolonging the workability of concrete at high temperatures. When used with fresh concrete, retarders enable the placing and finishing of concrete to be carried out more efficiently in adverse weather conditions such as extreme heat. Download Technical Specification Product Enquiry Form Message us and one of

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Solutions - fincrete air entrainment

Air Entrainment

PRODUCT Air entrainment can be used to enhance the durability of concrete. The addition of a chemical admixture helps to develop a stable air-void system within the concrete that increases the durability of this product. Additional research has also demonstrated that air entrainment can improve the flow properties, strength, and durability of concrete. Reduced segregation

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Solutions - fincrete concrete accelerator


PRODUCT Set time accelerating admixtures allow concrete producers to decrease concrete setting time according to their specific project needs, across a wide range of ambient temperatures. Benefits of accelerating concrete setting time include: Scheduling flexibility Improving early concrete strength Improving finishing characteristics Download Technical Specification Product Enquiry Form Message us and one of our expert

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Solutions - IMG 2018

Sewage and Manhole

PRODUCT It is a cementitious non-shrink grout for concrete substrates. It is used to fill large voids or underneath base plates of machinery or building columns. Repair of large surface defects on concrete Filling of gaps between two concrete bodies Grouting of machinery and construction columns Anchoring of starter bars and dowels Download Technical Specification

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